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The information we collect and the use of information that is provided to us, or the information relating to visitors to our online services, is used in accordance with applicable UK data privacy laws.


Our Privacy Policy explains our use of the information that we obtain on you.


What Our Privacy Policy Covers


Our Privacy Policy covers the use of our services which includes whenever a request for information or engagement of our legal and other services that we provide. It also includes any relationship with any of our clients, or when a person applies for work placements or jobs as well as information collected from any third parties.


Our Privacy Policy also covers and applies to our website NAME OF COMPANY


We may have to gather specific information through our online services, an example being if you sign up to receive our newsletter, ask about the services we provide, or if you request a job application. The services we provide online may use cookies as well as other similar technologies details of which are provided in more detail below.


When it comes to our obligations regarding “client confidentiality”, these are not covered in our Privacy Policy but are described in our “Terms of Business”.


Our Use of Cookies


We use cookies in our online services to provide a better “user experience”. We provide users the chance to control whether to accept of refuse the use of cookies on their first visit to our website, complying with the recent legislation relating to how websites gather user’s explicit consent prior to leaving cookies or reading files on the user’s device or computer.


Cookies allow a website via its service to provide users with a more tailored experience and are small files that are saved to a computer’s hard drive. Cookies track, save and store information relating to the user’s interaction and the way they use a website.


Users visiting our website are offered the chance to disallow our use of cookies and to deny them being saved to their hard drives by taking the necessary steps in the security settings found in their web browser. This process blocks the use of cookies we and external serving vendors may use.


We use “tracking software” on our website which helps us monitor visitors and to better understand how they interact with our website. The software we use is provided by “Google Analytics” and the cookies used, track visitors usage. This software saves a cookie to a computer’s hard drive to monitor and track user engagement and use of the website. However, it does not store, save or collect any personal data. Google’s Privacy Policy can be found at the following address:


When our website uses referral programs, sponsored adverts or links, other cookies may be stored on a computer’s hard drive by external vendors. These cookies are used for referral and conversion tracking and usually expire 30 days later, although some cookies may remain on a computer’s hard drive longer. However, no personal data is stored, saved nor is it collected.


Information Collection




We collect personal data from you directly, from authorised representatives or clients. We could also gather personal data from third parties, namely regulatory authorities, an employer, other organisations that you deal with, credit reporting agencies, government agencies, information or service providers, recruitment agencies, public records and any third parties as described in our “Disclosure of Information” section. We handle unsolicited information in accordance with the law and this includes destroying or de-identifying this data as required by the law.


We may collect both current and historical personal data which, as an example could include your name, contact details, identification, an enquiry, employment, organisation, positions you may have held as well as complaint details. We may also gather personal data about any dealings you may have had with us as well as with any of our clients and this could include any contact that we may have had with you in person, by email, telephone or online.


Our Online Services


We may collect the following data when you use the online services we provide:


  • Information provided by you when completing forms. This includes any information you provided when registering for any online services we offer, or when you subscribe to the services we offer, or when you submit material or request other services


  • Information provided should you contact us to report a problem relating to our online services or to raise a comment, or query



  • The details of the visits made to the online services we provide, which includes but is not limited to the “volume of traffic” we receive, logs which can where applicable include the IP address and location of a device that connects to our online services and other technical data and identifiers about a device as well as the nature of a visit and which resources were accessed


Recruitment and Careers


When applying for a work placement or a job, we may ask you to provide information relating to your education, background, employment and your state of health. An application would constitute your explicit permission for us to use the information you provide in order to assess your application and for us to carry out recruitment analytics as well as monitoring activities that as an employer may be required under an applicable law.


Screening checks may also be carried out – this includes reference, background, financial probity, directorship, identity, eligibility to work, vocational suitability and criminal as well as regulatory record checks. We may also consider you for other positions. We may exchange any personal data you provide with recruiters, academic institutions, screening check providers, professional and trade associations, health service providers, recruitment providers, law enforcement agencies, referees, and current and previous employers. Without your personal data, we would not be in a position to go forward when considering you for a position with us.


Use of Your Information


We use your data when necessary, to fulfil any contractual obligations we have with you. We would use your information because you asked us to carry out something for you prior to entering into a contact with you – this could be to provide you with a quote, or when necessary to comply with regulatory or legal obligations, or when necessary because we, or a third party has a legitimate interest in so doing – subject to any prevailing interests, rights or freedoms pertaining to you.


We would only use special categories of your personal information (defined by Article 9 in the General Data Protection Regulation) when it is necessary for the purpose of, or in connection with any legal proceedings which includes prospective proceedings, or to obtain legal advice, or to establish, exercise or defend your legal rights, or when necessary for the purposes of social security and employment law. The special category information includes, but is not limited to, data about your health, ethnicity and political/religious beliefs.


We would only process information concerning the following when necessary for the purpose of, or in connection with any legal proceedings which includes prospective proceedings, or for the purpose of gaining legal advice, to establish, exercise or defend your legal rights:


  • Your criminal convictions, or
  • Offences, or
  • Related security measures, or
  • The alleged commission of offences by you, or
  • Proceedings for an offence committed, or
  • Alleged to have been committed by you, or
  • The disposal of such proceedings – including sentencing


As examples, we would use your data to do the following:


  • To do legal work for you in accordance with a legal contract we may have with you
  • To help facilitate our internal business operations, this includes managing risk and to fulfil our regulatory and legal obligations
  • To maintain and develop our mutual relationship
  • To provide you with information on an ongoing basis that is requested from us, or which we believe could be of interest to you as well as to measure the effectiveness and the popularity of services we provide like newsletters and seminars with an end goal being to improve our services to you and other users/recipients
  • To ensure that content we provide through our online services is offered in the most secure and effective way both for you and the device settings you use
  • For research, service development, planning, security or corporate governance or financial management
  • To maintain and update the records we keep


We have a duty of care to make sure that all your personal data is up to date and accurate to comply with applicable data protection legislation. As such, we would ask you to keep us advised of any changes to your information.


We would only keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary to do so in the circumstances. Personal data that you provide pertaining to the provision of our legal services would be kept for no longer than 15 years, unless it is agreed otherwise.


Disclosure of Your Information


In providing you with our services and operation of our business, we may allow specific service providers as well as other third parties access to you data.


We may also exchange your personal data with other third parties if:


  • You have given your permission for us to share your personal data in this manner
  • We have a legal, regulatory or professional obligation to share your personal data, examples being to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, a rule of law or court or tribunal order, or to enforce or apply our terms of business


Or to protect the following:


  • Rights and interests;
  • Property;
  • Safety of our firm
  • Our clients or others


Where the disclosure of your personal information is deemed necessary for the purpose of legal proceedings which includes prospective proceedings, or to obtain legal or compliance advice, or to otherwise establish, exercise or defend our legal rights, or when a claim to legal professional privilege may be maintained in legal proceedings pertaining to any of your data disclosed to our lawyers.


All, or where substantially all of our assets, or assets of an associate are merged with, or acquired by a third party, or we expand/re-organise our business, in which instance your personal data may be part of the “transferred or merged” assets, or when we need to transfer your data to new entities or third parties through which our business would be carried out


When it is relevant in the circumstances to disclose your information to our clients, your place of business or employer, your professional advisers and other parties with whom we have co-promotional arrangements, an example being jointly sponsored events

We provide anonymous statistical data about people who use our websites and related usage data to reputable third parties which includes analytics and search engine providers, or


We use third party service providers to provide services where data processing is necessary, examples being archival, reference checking, auditing, professional advisory (which includes legal, compliance, accounting, business and financial consulting), delivery, mailing house, technology, research, website, banking, payment, client contact, insurance, data processing, forensic, litigation support, security and marketing services.


Some third parties with whom we may share your personal data, may be located outside of the UK and/or outside the European Economic Area. These third parties would often be subject to privacy and confidentiality obligations. However, these obligations may be different and less stringent than the privacy laws in the United Kingdom. In such instances, we cannot be held responsible when it comes to imposing UK privacy requirements and as such, when it comes to seeking redress under any laws in a specific jurisdiction, you may not be able to do so.




Information transferred over the internet is not 100% secure. As such, we can offer no guarantee that the security of your personal information transferred over the internet to our online services, and as such is done at your own risk. However, once your personal data is received, we would take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access, modification or disclosure of your personal data. An example being when you communicate via email with us, you would assume the risks that this type of communication between us, are not intercepted, not received, delayed, corrupted or are received by persons other than any intended recipients.


We take all reasonable steps to hold your personal information securely in both electronic and physical form. Our information security policy is supported by several security standards, processes as well as procedures. We store client information in access-controlled premises or in electronic databases that require logins and passwords. We also require that third-party information/data storage providers comply with the appropriate information security industry standards. All our partners and staff as well as third-party providers who have access to confidential personal data, are subject to confidentiality obligations.


Third Party Websites


In addition to the services we provide online, which are directly controlled by us, we use and provide links to third-party websites which are controlled by the relevant third parties. This may include LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.


Should you follow or use a link to any of these third-party sites, you should be aware that these third-party websites operated their own privacy policies and therefore, we cannot take any responsibility for the way the third parties may use your information.


Your Rights


  • Right of access – you have the right to access all personal information that we hold about you which is referred to as a “subject access request”. We would respond to a request in accordance to the law, which typically means without any undue delay but at the latest with one month of receiving a subject access request
  • Right to rectification – you have the right to correct or complete any inaccurate personal information
  • Right to erasure – you have the right to request that personal information we hold is removed from our records
  • Right to restrict processing – you have the right to request the suppression or restriction of your personal information – this is subject to certain exceptions
  • Right to data portability – you have the right to obtain and reuse your personal information for your own purposes as well as to move, copy or transfer it from our IT environment to another in a secure and safe manner
  • Right to object – You have the right to object to our use of your personal information based on the legitimate interests of our business, or for direct marketing purposes which includes profiling


Invoking your rights


The rights from 32 to 37 do not apply to data about you which we are legally obliged to disclose through a court order, or tribunal, to such an extent that any exercise by you of your rights would prevent disclosure. An example being that we may choose to refuse to delete information relating to you should it be necessary for us to disclose specific information to a court, regulatory body, statutory complaints body, or to law enforcement authorities.


The rights from 32 to 37 do not apply to data about you that relates to the disclosure of the information being necessary in connection with, or the purpose of, legal proceedings which includes prospective proceedings, or for the purpose of gaining legal advice, or for the purposes of establishing, defending or exercising legal rights. An example being, we may choose not to stop using information relating to you should we be required to use it as a way of defending our own legal rights.




Accuracy of information – for us to provide the highest qualify customer service possible, we have to keep your personal data up to date. We always take reasonable measures to ensure that all personal data and sensitive information is as accurate as possible. We make sure that the source of all personal information or sensitive data is clear by carefully considering any challenging pertaining to the accuracy of the information. We also take into account when it may be necessary to update information, which includes a name, address changes. As such, we would ask you to inform us about an changes in your information when they occur.


Status of Our Policy


When you provide your personal information to us, it constitutes your acceptance of the terms of our Privacy Policy.


We may need to revise our Privacy Policy in the future because technologies and information governance practices are constantly being developed and updated. As such, we recommend that you review our Privacy Policy regularly so you are made aware of any changes to the terms of our policy.







Should you file a privacy complaint, we would ensure that you receive a response from us telling you how your complaint would be handled by us. We may request further details from you, or consult with other parties as well as keep records pertaining to your complaint.


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